Parenting the Spectrum

Stories, Experiences and Advice from a Parent of Autistic Children

My Story.

Why I’m here.

Why Am I Different?

Missed signals and misunderstood.

The trouble with schools.

A Mum rages against the machine.

When to ask for help.

And how.

“People just think I’m lazy and naughty, but I’m not. Sometimes I don’t know where to start and my brain feels too busy.”

A utism is the way in which a person sees or responds to the world around them. Autistic brains develop differently from the moment of conception, and this can affect the way an individual’s language and communication, cognition, sensory processing, motor control and social behaviours.

The Autism umbrella is wide and diverse, and Autism presents differently in each individual, with some big differences between boys and girls. For this reason, among others, it is tragically misunderstood. As a parent, you are aware your child is “different” but often unaware of the scale of the difficulties they face. You don’t know where to turn, you convince yourself you’re overreacting, you’re told they’re simply naughty and disruptive.

Parenting the Spectrum is where I share my personal stories and experiences of parenting two Autistic children, in the hopes I can help other parents and children on their journey, and save them some of the time and anguish our family faced.

If you ever need support, solidarity or just a sounding board – please, reach out.

We’re here for you – whatever you need.